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  • Black Sash Friendship

    Martial arts training provides us with the opportunity to meet people and establish new friendships. As members of the Niagara Kung Fu Academy, you share a common bond with those who have made a commitment to pursue a Black Sash. These relationships can facilitate the learning process and can help students to improve their skills. Students learn from each other as well as from their instructor. This is what makes group instruction so vital in your overall training. As friends, we work together, helping each other become better martial artists. True friendship develops when each person respects the other. As martial artists we are taught to be respectful of our fellow students, our ....

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  • Black Sash Perseverance

    Black Sash Perseverance
    Perseverance may be the most important quality of all Black Sashes. Perseverance is the commitment, hard work and patience you need to accomplish your goals. Black Sashes with perseverance are able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint. You are expected to be perseverant throughout your regular training that is required to earn a Black Sash. Your journey to Black Sash will not be easy. You will face many challenges that will test your perseverance. Despite those challenges, you can earn your Black Sash if you have the drive and positive attitude to persevere. It's no wonder that earning a Black Sash feels similar to graduating from high ....

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  • Take Your Training to the Next Level

    Often, we measure our progress with a pass-or-fail system. In the public school system, there are many ways to grade a person’s ability or progress: “A+” through “F” or, numerically, 100 (or more with extra credit) to 0 percent. Sixty-five percent and greater is typically a passing grade, while a “C-” or less is failing. How do you measure the quality of your ability? What will help you take your training to the next level? What is it in a person that drives him or her to succeed or fail? Within the modern military, there are elite forces, such as British S.A.S or United States Navy S.E.A.L.S, which are considered the cream of the crop. The rate of success in these teams is very ....

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  • Five Strategies to Reach Your Martial Arts Potential

    R eaching your potential means breaking through your comfort zone to discover your true abilities. Your comfort zone is what you can achieve with your average effort and determination. Here are five strategies you can implement immediately to help reach your full potential. 1. Cross Train.
    Martial arts training is excellent exercise. However, make a commitment to supplement your martial arts workout with bike riding, jogging, or weight training. You can even alternate your cross training activity each week. By exercising muscles less used during your martial arts workout you will become a stronger and faster martial artist!! 2. Stretch.
    Make a habit of warming and ....

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  • How to Eat Well on the Road

    If you maintain a busy schedule, you may be eating on the road more frequently than your peers. Fast-food places may be relied upon for quick meals on the go, resulting in high fat, high salt, low nutrient meals. Learning to choose healthier selections from any restaurant’s regular menu (including your home menu) is key to good health and optimal athletic performance. The following are some tips, especially for younger martial artists, for choosing healthier meals on the road. Breakfast
    Order pancakes, waffles, bagels, cereal or even French toast if it isn’t deep fried. Add to that fruit and a glass of juice. Avoid high fat side items such as bacon, sausage, or ham. Canadian bacon is a ....

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  • Goals We Set Are Goals We Get!

    Having goals is very important. A life without goals is like shooting arrows without aiming at a target. You will most likely hit something, but it probably won’t be the target you had intended. There are two main types of goals: short-term and long-term. Martial arts training is a good example of the difference between short- and long-term goals. A long-term goal might be earning your Black Belt, which could take from three to five years or even longer, depending on your progress. If you only set this goal, then you might become discouraged and give up. Focusing on short-time goals, however, may be a better way to reach your long-term goals. A short-term goal could be earning your next ....

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  • Make Martial Arts Your Exercise

    Exercise is as important a daily routine as brushing your teeth. Thirty minutes or more of martial arts training during most days is all you need to improve your fitness level and skills. It’s an easy way to make martial arts practice time your exercise time. Many children in the U.S. spend more time watching TV every year than they spend in school. Turn off the TV for 30 minutes each day and practice your martial arts. This will help you stay trim and prepare you for your next belt test. Martial arts helps you maintain a healthy weight by burning calories. Think of your body as an engine in a car. Just as a car needs fuel and energy to do its job, your body ....

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  • "It's a TRAP!"

    In the gargely voice of Admiral Ackbar, saying these words is often how I respond when people ask me "what this kung fu stuff is all about". Most people don't really get it until they get in here and start training for five or six months. The first half year is filled with moments when you find yourself saying "aaaaah, NOW i get it.". Everyone comes to Niagara Kung Fu Academy with different misconceptions about exactly what it is we do here. Some think we do self defence. Some think we do acrobatics and screaming. I've even had people come in thinking we were some kind of off-shoot of the Chinese triad (my favorite one so far =D ) It's hard to know how to explain Kung Fu because you ....

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