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  • Amaury VT, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu Academy classes are our children favorite after school activity. The instructors are very professional and very talented. Our children have practiced all kind of sports before but Kung Fu has enhanced not only their strength but the importance of hard work and respect. Even their school teachers have noticed a progress on their listening and concentration in the classroom. If you are a parent and want the best for your children, Niagara Kung Fu Academy could be what you have been looking for.

    Amaury VT
  • Jessica Lee, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I have only just joined at NKFA, and so far my experience has been nothing but pleasant. I originally went in to sign up my eldest minion only to end up signing up myself, starting with two introductory lessons, and now my first class. Even at moments when I was lost, there was always someone available encouraging with their fist times and tips. I am so happy I made this choice, as it is a promise to myself to a healthier and happier lifestyle for myself and my family. Def recommend!

    Jessica Lee
  • DT Smith, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu Academy has literally changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, utilizing care and compassion in a fun, nurturing, and healthy environment. The students are from all walks of life, and are open and accepting, eager to learn and help.

    It is not just a great environment for families and individuals, but a community where egos are checked at the door, and a passion for the martial arts and self-improvement is always welcome.

    DT Smith
  • Kim Rd, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Excellent staff and fellow students. Classes fun. Highly recommend.

    Kim Rd
  • Laura Tonin, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    The instructors are great and very friendly and helpful! Both my son and myself enjoy our lessons.

    Laura Tonin
  • Jason Gaudet, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu Academy is a great family environment! Great place learn self confidence and better yourself physically and mentally! Awesome instructors and made some cool friends!

    Jason Gaudet
  • Michael Mascitelli, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    A changing life experience with support in all endeavors. A better way of life!!!

    Michael Mascitelli
  • Crystal Wheeler, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Great instructors who know how to improvise well to make it seem that much more real! Learned much, and had a lot of fun today!

    Crystal Wheeler
  • Naomi Saplamaeff- Walsh, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I can't even explain in words how wonderful this place is. You will just need to come in and see for yourself.....!

    Naomi Saplamaeff- Walsh
  • Jes L'Heureux , Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I came to sign up my son for Kung Fu and ended up staying myself... I cannot even begin to express the love I have for NKFA, here is a place where I am able to learn and practice martial arts among wonderful supportive people. The instructors are kind and helpful, and the members of the leadership program all have so much patience when I have questions or need more instruction. Best decision of my life. Def recommend to anyone looking to change their life for the healthier.

    Jes L'Heureux
  • Justin Sherk, Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I've only been to this place twice but I've loved every visit so far and am looking forward to coming back for more lessons in late September. The staff are awesome and welcoming. My only grievance is with the parking setup, lot but just couldn't give less than 5 stars due to my exemplar experience at this spot.

    Justin Sherk
  • James M., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Kung Fu is a great way to improve your daily life and get a great workout at the same time. At Niagara Kung Fu it's done with great instructors and a fun atmosphere. Every class you attend you'll have a great time.

    James M.
  • Danny K., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I am just now approaching the completion of my first year at Niagara Kung Fu Academy, my original motivation was to get involved with a structured program to get more fit and loose some weight. After a couple of months I had lost about 20lbs and had really started a change in my strength and overall fitness. The best part was I really felt a strong connection with the other students and instructors at the school. Now a year later I have set new goals and through the support of my friends and the guidance of the instructor team will have a lot of fun achieving them. Niagara Kung Fu Academy isn't only producing fantastic martial artists they are producing great people. Come check it out, I'll be here and looking forward to meeting you.

    Danny K.
  • Bre G., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu is about improving your self every day. I love being a part of the huge and ever-growing Kung Fu Family that comes here to train and grow together. Kung Fu will inevitably make your life awesome. NKFA will make sure of it.

    Bre G.
  • Sarah A., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Went for my first session tonight! Rob is a great, patient teacher!! Looking forward to more!!

    Sarah A.
  • Laura A., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Thanks NKFA for being so awesome in hosting our son Reece's 6th birthday party. And a special thanks to all the instructors who took part today .....You rock NKFA!!!

    Laura A.
  • Andre J., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Sifu Rob and the entire Niagara Kung Fu staff are excellent at what they do. I'm very impressed with their level of professionalism and their passion for developing students beyond the usual kicking and punching. They are easily the finest school in the Niagara Falls community.

    Andre J.
  • Alain G., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Proud to be a member, top notch instructors inspire you to do your best. Fun and casual atmosphere, no regrets over joining.

    Alain G.
  • Jarmo R., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu presents kung fu in a manner I could practice at home. I was able to make something positive and fun through my home practice, and I feel great about my accomplishment.

    Jarmo R.
  • Laura K., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    I can think of no better way to spend my time, and no better group of people to spend it with! You will get in shape, learn new things and make great new friends.

    Laura K.
  • Jim S., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    The best Kung Fu school for hundreds of miles. No, really, it is!

    Jim S.
  • Lyne B., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Thank you SO much to the staff at Niagara Kung fu Academy for hosting Jacobs 12th birthday nerf wars party!!! It was very well organized and the kids had an absolute blast!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Lyne B.
  • Jennifer G., Niagara Kung Fu Academy Testimonials

    Niagara Kung Fu Academy offers excellent programs for both children and adults. My kids and myself have learned focus and discipline while getting stronger, fitter, and healthier in a fun and inclusive environment. I would recommend this school to anyone.

    Jennifer G.


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